Welcome to KjK Tobacco Leaves Wholesale. We offer you a chance to purchase pure, 100% whole unprocessed tobacco leafs. We sell only unprocessed whole leaf tobacco.
Please feel free to purchase from us as our website is both safe and secure. Should you require larger quantities of whole unprocessed tobacco leafs please contact us for a quite.

European Virginia Whole Leaf

Our European Virginia Cured leaves are full flavoured with an aroma.
Without the added chemicals.
Our tobacco leaves are of the highest quality that you will find anywhere.
Shipping in the whole UK.
contact : sale@tobaccoleaves.co.uk
Burley Tobacco Leaf

The typical Burley leaf is approximately 20-50cm in length and are from a light to dark brown in colour.
Oriental Tobacco Leaf

Oriental tobacco is a sun-cured, highly aromatic, small-leafed variety (Nicotiana tabacum) that is grown in Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Lebanon, and the Republic of Macedonia.
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