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Welcome to KJK store.
We offer whole tobacco leaves to customers who want to make there own Nasal Snuff, Medicinal, Cosmetic ,or Organic Pesticide and your own E-Liquids.
The usage of this web site is reserved for visitors who are 18 years and over.
We sell only unprocessed tobacco leaf, which is not subject to duty by HMRC. By purchasing unprocessed tobacco leaf from our site you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions found on our website and all terms and conditions set by HMRC surrounding tobacco. 

We the seller Whole Leaf will supply you (the buyer) with raw full leaves on the strict understanding that you are purchasing the raw full whole leaf to manufacture for the sole
use of
SNUFF,Medicinal, Cosmetic ,or Organic Pesticide and your own E-Liquids

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